Justice for All – a Petition based on Experiences of Serious #Corruption and Misconduct in Public Office @MoJGovUK

This is necessary reading for anyone interested in justice.

Victims Unite!

17 04 01 Justice 4 AllAnybody believing that ‘justice’ is obtained by going to see solicitors, barristers and judges in courts is believing in ideals that seem to have been eroded gradually and systematically ever since Dickens wrote about it…

It’s certainly my observation and got signed and sealed after I got arrested seven times, which means being treated as a ‘criminal suspect’: traumatised, victimised, dehumanised.

To top it off, financial punishment consists in my state pension being stopped for two years, with a hearing in May, having waited to be listed for six months.

As a systems analyst who used to diagnose software at CERN where the web was born, I am as logical as a computer. I practise software-aided and deep thinking. Is that why my ordeal started with fake ‘Orders’ by a secret family court?

Barnet Council threatened with prosecution and imprisonment using The Royal Courts of Justice [RCJ]. After six months in…

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