Question It!

The question may well be as old as time. Certainly child abuse is international despite categorical denial of its existence. Recent revelations have shown the tip of a pernicious iceberg or a fraction of the mountain, depending on one’s allegorical point of view.

Certainly Charles Dickens was one of those brave enough to put pen to paper and reveal the ugliness that lay behind the pretty images of Victorian life. We owe much to early pioneers of literature and their illustrators. Their unflinching courage in showing the ugliness of poverty and avarice gave us a glimpse of the truth and did not spare our shrinking sensitivities.

The shame lies with our so-called pillars of society – the Establishment, who have had access to the facts, figures and sordid details for over a hundred years – but have done nothing other than wring their hands and pontificate.

Democracy, or what we euphemistically call democracy, has outlived its usefulness, but what to put in its place? The threat of inflicting the current mayhem sweeping the Middle East is not an alternative I would wish on any country or people.

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month in America, but that doesn’t stop the campaign from reaching far and wide as other countries around the world take part.

Our question this week is very short, and it is just this: what do you think is the root cause of child abuse? 


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