Happy Easter Eggs from the Goose @OntheCommons and everybody who sees through #lies and #deceptions! @poetry

Victims Unite!

p5100420-129231409_stdThe Bank of England was founded in 1694, setting up the first National Debt at 8%. Now there is a whole Debt Management Office guaranteeing job and pension to civil servants, while others are looking for jobs, money to keep their businesses going or just to survive. Every company has a tab for investors on their website. Fundraising has become the norm not just for charities.

Thanks to the internet, more and more people see through the hypocrisies, lies and deceptions created by debt-based money and capitalism as its ideology.

But who would have thought that similar lies and deceptions cover-up the judiciary [and other public authorities] that owe their existence to the creation of money from hot air sanctioned by a system of organisations that combines old boys networks with secret societies such as freemasons?

This poem published here with a comment from a Duke Law Professor was first typed…

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