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More training is necessary, but only of candidates who are morally, mentally and aesthetically equipped to deal with such trauma; people whose integrity is never in doubt. Such individuals are rare treasures in any society where they are generally undervalued; their findings and views too often unrecognized by those in authority who also have the power to implement or silence their reports.

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

A young woman in Wales has made headlines today after a local authority came under fire for putting her baby up for adoption without her consent. A police watchdog also found failings with the police force handling her case.

Despite being a victim of abuse, and evidence clearly showing the abuse, the police and the local authority failed to treat her as such. The girl’s father believes that the shoddy handling of his daughter’s case led to the forced adoption of her child. The local authority in question is now being investigated.

Her father said in a statement:

“It’s true that she became involved with drink and drugs, but her problems were greatly exacerbated by the failure to provide her with proper support.

“Her former partner has been convicted of assaulting her, but initially the police did not see her as a victim of domestic abuse.


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