Prime Minister Announces General Election

The future may be stormy and politics more than usually perilous. We need strength through unity. Now is not the time for the knife edge posturing of those intent on upsetting apple-carts at Westminster, but it is the time for loyalists to get behind their leader of choice and make sure we do have a future that does not mean untold hardship for the less fortunate.

Researching Reform

At 11.15am this morning, Prime Minister Theresa May made a surprise announcement. She plans to hold a general election on 8th June this year.

The impact on this in relation to children’s rights could be concerning. Her welfare cuts are already set to plunge more than one million children into poverty, and with wider powers both nationally and in relation to Brexit negotiations should her party win, she could implement more policies set to hit the most vulnerable.

The general election is a strategic move. Whilst May insists she made the decision to hold a vote in June “recently and reluctantly” this is not the case. May and her cabinet would have discussed this option as soon as she entered office in order to strengthen the party’s credibility and ensure they could enjoy the benefits of a Conservative Prime Minister in full. With party politics at an all time low…

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