MPs Debate Grandparents’ Access To Grandchildren After Separation And Divorce

Belonging to a family is a vital link to who we are. To deny children this part of their inheritance is a severe and sad deprivation to them and their grandparents.

Researching Reform

Many of our readers are grandparents who are unable to see or visit their grandchildren after parental divorce or separation, so when we saw this debate in the House of Commons, we thought it was important to share it.

On 25th April, David Mackintosh MP hosted a discussion in Westminster Hall which asked the House of Commons to look at grandparents’ ability to see their grandchildren when a change of circumstances within the family unit takes place.

Several issues come to light in the discussion. The first is that a lack of contact with grandchildren after separation or divorce is far reaching and appears to be affecting a substantial, and ever growing number of grandparents across the country.

A charity in Northampton called GranPart is also mentioned, which acts as a support group for grandparents who have lost touch with their grandchildren.

A suggestion to insert a new clause in the Children Act 1989…

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