How I Saw Paris This Week (Part Nine)

Spare five minutes to wander off track and enjoy Paris from the comfort of your chair, but I dare you to feel sleepy or grow tired.

Ha! – I didn’t forget to post this Wednesday. Take that, blogging gods!

Ten more photos for what is currently a drizzly day in the capital. Maybe it’s fitting there are a few shots of the covered passages – perfect for days like these.

Thanks to all of you who comment, like, share, and generally send your good vibes my way. It’s like nourishment for my shutter finger. 🙂 Hope you enjoy’s today’s set.

img_3884 When you think of Art Nouveau in Paris it’s usually Guimard who gets all the attention. But there was another master of the art form called Lavirotte. One of his creations at 29 Avenue Rapp (7th arr) is a sight to behold! Built in 1900, it was soon the talk of the town and would go on to win the contest for Best Facade in Paris. Think of that – there were once so many artistic buildings sprouting…

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