Gagged Dad (A v Cornwall) – judgment and appeal

Tyranny remains a problem for the unsuspecting who still believe in British Justice.


The blog posts that tell Gagged Dad’s story are all together in one place now, here. The title of the earliest post, which first broke the news story, was

Two year-old’s contact stopped with ‘homophobic’ dad.

A social worker who had decided not to support contact between father and son, even after the police had said there was insufficient evidence to convict Gagged Dad of a child-smacking offence, questioned Gagged Dad about his beliefs about abortion and homosexuality.

HHJ Cotter

The last news about Gagged Dad’s legal action that was posted here before today, was that Gagged Dad was seeking permission to appeal the ruling of HHJ Cotter that the trial had to be in private. He did not obtain that permission.  However, at the beginning of the three day trial of his claim in March this year, the trial judge, Dingemans J, decided to hold…

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