From Victim to McKenzie Friend and #PaedoHunter as Independent #MP for #Maidstone

This lady deserves the support of honest, honourable people everywhere.

Victims Unite!

In 1996, Yolande Kenward was Business Woman of the Year in Kent. In 2015, she organised a demo outside the Royal Courts of Justice for Russia Today to film, as they were making the above documentary. Now she’s standing to become MP!

However, since exposing crimes by freemasons connected to her ex-husband, she has become victimised most seriously. What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. Thus Yolande has been assisting parents whose children had been removed by Social Services as a McKenzie Friend: lay legal advisors who also may act as Public Interest Advocates, as she calls herself a Public Interest Whistleblower on her Facebook page.

So Yolande knows from personal experience over many years how ‘the system’ works in her local Council, her local health services and her local paper.

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