Election Day: Hope vs Fear

We voted and hoped for change but got the same master-chef, although the sous-chefs have changed and may yet spoil the broth being cooked up.

My World, Your World, One World

It is election day in UK. I have voted. The way the system works means I vote for one member of the UK parliament, out of a selection of candidates, for this particular constituency in which I live. UK people do not vote for a president or prime minister, whichever party gets the majority in the 650 members elected throughout the country, then claims its leader as the Prime Minister.

For the first time in years I am all over the place, hope hope hope, the manifesto created by Jeremy Corbyn – through his consultancy process with members, real people – says why I hope, why I am excited, why I want too much one particular result this time round. Read that manifesto – it is real stuff, whether you agree or not, it is not soundbites. [I agree with a lot, as you probably know already.]

BUT – the…

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