Your Story: Complaints As A Short Cut To Care

We have become a nation ruled by bureaucrats, The Establishment holds sway and the people are encouraged to believe that those at the top know what is good for ALL of us.

We almost had a chance to give democracy a chance in the recent election but have ended with more of the same.

We must continue to hope for change. Meanwhile, keep hope alive with constant vigilance and internet reporting.

Researching Reform

This week’s story highlights the often disorganised and emotional responses to vulnerable families, which can lead to professionals losing sight of the real issues in a case and instead choosing to take a defensive stance to protect their local authority’s decisions, even when they are poor ones. Crucially, this kind of behaviour deeply affects the Voice Of The Child, whose wishes and feelings go unheard, causing them significant emotional harm.

1. Could you give a brief summary of the facts of your case?

I’m a single father who before his son was taken into care was the sole and primary carer. It was incredibly difficult juggling work and parenting on my own and on a couple of occasions I was forced to leave my nine year old son in the house on his own for a few hours. The incidents were reported to the police and I was charged with…

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