Question It!

It is of vital importance that the enquiry does not lose its credibility. We must have the truth, the whole truth – and nothing but the truth.

Researching Reform

Welcome to the week.

As another survivors’ group leaves the nation’s Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual abuse (IICSA) amid allegations that it is not fit for purpose and has marginalised the very people it was set up to listen to, the future of the Inquiry has again been thrown into question.

The Survivors of Organised and Institutional Abuse (SOIA) has withdrawn from the child abuse inquiry, claiming that it has been going downhill for some time and has consistently ignored survivors and victims assisting their investigations. The group said this:

“It is with deep regret that Soia announces its withdrawal from the inquiry… We emphasise that each of us will continue to vigorously campaign outside of the IICSA, for the rights of survivors of organised and institutional abuse to justice and healing… We wish to thank all those who have contributed time, effort and their own money to WhiteFlowers and Soia.

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