The “Javender Effect”

If you are plagued with insomnia or a moment of anxiety, try the ‘Javender’ effect combined with the 5-2-5 formula: breathe in deeply for a count of 5; hold for a count of 2, then exhale slowly for a count of 5. Repeat… Works every time for me.

The KReative Corner

Some of the best finds are purely by accident.  “Hubby” and I often have those days where sleep doesn’t come easy.  Aromatherapy works wonders, especially Lavender.  We keep a can of spray infused with Lavender to create a calm atmosphere for a good night’s sleep.

My husband is a huge Jazz music fan, so one night I used the spray and he turned on the music and within minutes we were both fast asleep. Hence, the term “Javender Effect” was born.

Lavender_7 photo courtesy of

However, I have to quiet my brain that is often intrigued by the music so the lavender can do its work and for “hubby” the music relaxes him as his nose is enchanted by the smell.  We are quite the pair!

Create your sleepy time duo and remember you saw it here first.

You’re welcome  : )

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