Interesting Private Members’ Bills In The House Of Lords

Not another excuse for more bureaucratic interference PLEASE.

Researching Reform

Private Members Bills, which allow MPs and Lords to propose new legislation very rarely become law, however they are interesting clues about  current thought inside government.

Two Bills caught our attention.

The first Bill, The Home Education (Duty of Local Authorities) Bill, proposed by Labour Peer Lord Soley, asks for measures that would allow home schooled children to be monitored by local authorities so that they could assess their educational, physical and emotional development. The measures would be inserted into the Education Act 1996, the go-to piece of legislation on education provision.

Home schooling is a growing trend in the UK.  It makes sense that home schooling should be addressed in this Act, as all other forms of education are detailed there, however this Bill concerns us a great deal. Local authorities already have powers to investigate home schooled children. Many parents also choose home schooling for their children…

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2 comments on “Interesting Private Members’ Bills In The House Of Lords

  1. I agree homeschooling should be monitored a little at least!


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