Oh! What a Tangled Web we Weave when First we Practice to Deceive! @MetPoliceUK @UKHomeOffice

Tenacity is the name of the game.

Victims Unite!

We who Oppose Deception is one of my many blogs and petitions. I group them as follows:

  1. scientific life and zest – which culminates in three unique visualisation styles for three types of data;
  2. social life and meaning – where Victims Unite is the most popular blog;
  3. physical life and pain – since my hip was dislocated and I suffered a whiplash from a car crash in 1973, I have not had a single pain-free day;
  4. politics and passion – where 33 sites advocate Open Justice.

Open Justice is also advocated by the Government with the tagline Making Sense of Justice. The first victim story I heard was from Lord Sudeley with whom I subsequently organised the Forum for Stable Currencies. Now I can only make sense of ‘justice’ by allowing for corruption at all possible levels and discovering an institutionalised culture of ‘targets’ to criminalise

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