Lords Have Excellent Debate On Tackling Domestic Violence – But Only One Male Peer Takes Part

Interesting debate on domestic violence, but only one male peer turned up for it.

Researching Reform

A debate in the House of Lords yesterday looking at ways to address the many different types of domestic violence, raises some very thought provoking points, and is worth a read if you have a few Digestives and some tea bags.

The motion for the debate, moved by Baroness Manzoor was as follows:

“That this House takes note of Her Majesty’s Government’s plans to protect and support victims of domestic violence and abuse.”

The discussion gives you some insight into the vast amount of work Baroness Manzoor and other peers do to try and tackle domestic violence and abuse, the different faces of abuse (there is a very interesting section about abuse of the elderly, which is often ignored), and offers details about the Government’s proposals in relation to the important domestic violence and abuse Bill.

There are some surprises, too. We discover during the course of the discussion that Baroness Newlove is…

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