How I Saw Paris This Week (Part Sixteen)

This post is sure to make you linger.

Paris lovers! Hope you’re all doing well. Here are some more pics of the best city ever – full of rain, sun, and a few stuffed animals. Enjoy!

Got caught under the rain near Gare Saint-Lazare and figured hey if I’m already soaked, might as well capture some Haussmannian vibes. I don’t often wander in the 8th arrondissement but there are a lot of classic boulevards to enjoy here.

From the roof of Galeries Lafayette (9th arr). Random Eiffel Tower fun fact: the paint job alone weighs 60 tons! That’s a lot of pigment.

The kid’s section of Ikea. Because sometimes life in Paris is just about looking at stuffed animals. (I want one of those cochons.) 

Place de la République (9th arr), with the classic figure of Marianne reminding us of how damn effective the guillotine was…or something like that.

A lovely bit of rarity in front of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette…

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