I hate Alzheimers.

This is a journey we may be called upon to share at some time – so better face the facts and support all we can, where we can.

The KReative Corner

My family have been fighting for a few years. . beside our Mother. She was diagnosed with Dementia a few years ago and five years ago we moved her out of her Senior apartment, when she would lose her wallet, couldn’t find her way back home on a street she’d walk hundred of times before or remember what she ate for dinner.

Dementia and other cognitive diseases attack the brain which is the body’s “mother board” that controls everything from motor skills to speech. There are times I am angry to watch my “s-hero” struggle to remember the days of the week, the town she lives in or even the names of her grandchildren.

It is devastating and takes a toll on the caregivers and supporters alike.  There isn’t a way to save my Mother from this disease, but I will continue to fight on her behalf for the future…

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