Charlie Gard Passes Away

Peace for Charlie, but the grieving continues for his family.

Researching Reform

Charlie has today passed away. He was taken to a hospice to spend his final moments with his parents. Chris and Connie had wanted to bring Charlie home but were not given the chance to do so.

We are profoundly saddened by Charlie’s death, and offer our sincerest condolences to Charlie’s parents and all those who did not know Charlie personally, but loved him unconditionally nonetheless.

An incredibly difficult case, in which medical professionals clashed not just with each other, but with the parents on whether treatment would help or offer Charlie a better quality of life. A legal battle lasting 5 months came to an end this week when a judge ruled that Charlie could not go to America for pioneering treatment and would have to have his life support withdrawn.

All that is left are the most important aspects of this terrible story: two dedicated, loving parents who…

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