Do You Work With Refugees? Then Read This.

Here’s something that brings a warm glow of reassurance at a time when the stories of atrocities around the world weigh like a millstone on the conscience of most people with a smattering of integrity.

Researching Reform

A charity which aims to recognise and support organisations running successful on the ground projects for refugees and displaced people around the world is about to launch a new series of cash prizes.

Ockenden International has been helping refugees and displaced men, women and children for over 60 years. Established by three school teachers in 1951, and Founded by Joy Pearce, Ockenden became a registered charity in 1955.

Ockenden 1

The charity’s original mission was, “to receive young East European people from post World War II homeless persons’ camps in Germany and ‘to provide for their maintenance, clothing, education, recreation, health and general welfare’.”

As time went on, and historical events led to a sharp rise in refugees, Ockenden broadened its scope and its reach.

In 1962, the charity amended its mission statement so that it could, ‘receive displaced children and other children in need from any part of the world and to…

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2 comments on “Do You Work With Refugees? Then Read This.

  1. Sharmishtha says:

    this is a noble gesture!


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