Times Calls For Children Placed With “Culturally Unmatched Carers.”

It is time that the all-round-good of the child was considered and the superficial meanderings of officialdom were thrown out with all the hot air spouted by its well-meaning, but deluded officials. Children need love and a secure environment; all the rest is window-dressing.

Researching Reform

The Times’ story about the five year old girl fostered by a Muslim household caused an uproar across social media this week with its controversial take on the case.  The piece suggested that the child’s distressing fostering experience was down to being placed with an orthodox Muslim family.

Since its publication, social platforms like Twitter have been quick to seize on the story with many social media users highlighting factual inaccuracies in the piece. The judgment published by The Family Court reveals that there is some common ground between The Times’ version of events and the partial information offered in the judgment itself.

The tone of the article was also criticised for being xenophobic.

As a follow up to its story, The Times is now looking for people who are or have been in a placement where they were sent to live with foster carers who came from different…

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