When individuals fight a system of ‘professionals’ they discover patterns that connect: ethics? morals? Professional standards?

Here’s an invitation to be part of the greater picture by reading this article and getting acquainted with some uncomfortable facts of life in the Britain of the twenty-first century.

Victims Unite!

17 08 29 Tom DobbieOnline exposure is the last resort for law abiding citizens who are up against a web of professional deception – such as Tom Dobbie with Moral Propositions. This web is of remarkable ‘perfection’ – in terms of succeeding to brainwash the majority of people and victimising a shocking number of us.

However, once people have been victimised by ‘authorities’, we are being tested:

  • do you Stand your Ground?
  • do we stand up on behalf of others?
  • do we support others Standing Their Ground?

If yes, how?

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