We are what we eat, so eating what does you good makes sense. As a first step, try reading this article and then enjoy its delicious suggestions.



Cancer is one of the most common diseases and at the same time is deadly in most cases.

Studies reveal that foods eaten play an important role in health, and may even help and shovel diseases.

Below are some foods that are of great benefit to avoid cancer and that are of great help for those people who already suffer from this disease:

The chickpeas, are rich in phosphates and magnesium, which prevent different cardiovascular disorders. They also have a high content of fiber, making them ideal against the problems of constipation and intestinal polyps. Thanks to the properties it possesses it helps to lower high cholesterol levels and above all helps prevent pancreatic cancer.

Broccoli are considered one of the best antioxidants and anticancer, is mainly of great benefit for those who have lung and colon cancer problems. The vast majority of cruciferous vegetables serve to prevent breast…

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