Blackford and blackberries

It’s good to be reminded that Britain is a beautiful country with a countryside that is as diverse and varied as the people who live here.

My World, Your World, One World

The Edinburgh Festival will soon be over, we will get our town back, we hope. In the meantime, I thought of riding out of town so I took the bicycle up to Blackford Hill, thought I would walk around the pond, keep away from the crowds.

What a great morning. The pond is still, reflections, and gulls resting on its surface. The hill is clothed in pink, great swathes of Rosebay willowherb and one I had to look up, Himalayan balsam [classed as an alien] and many many more wildflowers. [lots of photos below]. Looking closer, alongside the path, the blackberries are ready, though small, they are very sweet. [Made me remember last year in Norway where the forest floor was covered in blueberries.] Then I forgot that where there are blackberries there are also nettles, but never mind, not like poison ivy in US.

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