OPINION: The half-hearted warble of a Florence Nightingale may well have sealed Britain’s fate

Will she, won’t she, will she join the dance? Maybe.

The Slog.

me4 The British Prime Minister’s determination to sell out on Brexit is really an acceptance of geopolitical realities as her allies see them. The window available for voters to have their will prevail will be closed….after their Rights have been tossed out of it.

There were only two phrases uttered by Theresa May yesterday of any interest to the 68% of Brits who now want Brexit to go ahead….and who tend to add in research, “So can we just bloody get on with it?”

Mrs Mayormaynot told her audience she wanted “a treaty with the EU”, and that come what may, “The British People are in control”. The first contradicted the second, and the latter is a lie anyway. Nobody has asked us whether we want a treaty with the EU (for myself, I emphatically don’t want any treaty at all with illiberal control freaks) and if the People were…

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