New Research: “Violence In Childhood Is Ubiquitous, But Not Inevitable.”

When will humans admit that resorting to violence merely proves their inability to control their worst instincts?

Researching Reform

A ground breaking piece of research has been published which offers ways to tackle global childhood violence. It is one of the most thorough analyses of childhood violence to date, and features an index to measure childhood violence around the world, which is the first of its kind.

The report, called “Ending violence in childhood: a global imperative” was published in March of this year and offers the idea that removing violence in childhood is the single most powerful way to build peaceful, thriving societies.

A very good summary and comment on the research have been prepared by The Global Partnership To End Violence:

New Expert Report Uncovers the Massive Global Burden of Childhood Violence, A Major Obstacle to Sustainable Human Development in Countries Rich and Poor

Violence in childhood is ubiquitous, but not inevitable. Nearly 3 out of 4 children worldwide experience violence, but proven strategies exist…

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