How I Saw Paris This Week (Part Nineteen)

This man is a master at catching a moment, and encapsulating it forever.

Hello lovely Paris people! It’s time already for another installment of what I saw in Paris this week.

Strap in for this one – it seems I’ve been extra prolific with no fewer than 21 pics! I’ll try to be concise with the captions so as not to take up too much of your day. 🙂

AB09108F-45E9-4CEB-A2F5-170FAFEE96BC When transferring from line 1 of the métro you can catch a view of the boats in Port de l’Arsenal. The sun was pounding the plexiglass pretty hard and created a fantastic fireworks vibe on my lens. A lovely little surprise!

5689FFA8-D11C-461C-A968-2429E6563314 It’s fall and that means orange in all its forms. 🙂 I got pretty excited about the cinematic feeling in this shot. I love this idea (which photography is so good at doing) where you take the absolutely mundane in life and elevate it to something poetic, simply by showing the intention of…

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