Drinking My Dirt; Diatomaceous Earth

Learning something new everyday.

Rhythm In Life


Since my fight with cancer, I have made it a point to keep my body as clean as I know how or I am able to.

Prior to having cancer, I was never into all the “crazy healthy” or in this case “detox” kind of stuff. I honestly used to think the woman I am today in regards to health consciousness would never be me. In fact, I used to think of it as a waste of time and money whenever I would meet someone who was spending quite a bit on good organic or locally grown food and in this case dirt. YAP spending money on dirt!!

So back to the dirt. Years later, here I am talking about the beauty in drinking this magical dirt; Diatomaceous Earth.

So what in the world is diatomaceous Earth? one may ask; Livestong.com says

“Diatomaceous earth consists of the fossilized microscopic exoskeletons…

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