Poisoned Cabin Air #LenLawrence @BawdenTom @theipaper raises questions for victims of white collar crimes

Always worth stopping by and reading what Sabine has to say.

Victims Unite!

Tom Bawden writes about science and the environment for I News. Here’s his excellent article:

Funny that he didn’t seem to know about Len Lawrence who’s been campaigning as a poisoned pilot, especially since the cabin air did not only cause brain damage, but he also subsequently became the victim of the Court of Protection with its associated criminal lawyers.

A close friend of his is George Wescott whose poisoning is due to compulsory sheep dipping with organophosphate – like many other farmers at the time.

What do I conclude after twenty years of ‘exposure’ to victim stories?

  • when does incompetence become malicious intent?
  • when does malicious intent stem from institutional policy?

Former MP John Hemming said about the secrecy of family courts behind the removal of 1,000 children per month:

It’s policy.

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