America Trials Online Reporting Of Child Abuse

Child abuse is, it seems, a worldwide sickness. The backlog of cases dealing with the abuse of children and the saga of childcare has resulted in the launch of an internet service in Los Angeles.

Researching Reform

In order to deal with the backlog of calls Los Angeles County gets about allegations of child abuse, it has decided to pilot a new system which will allow for the reporting of some of these allegations to be online. 

Online reporting is not available to everyone, and can only be used by what California calls mandated reporters. These are individuals working in professions which are required by law to report any suspicions they have about child abuse. The law places a legal responsibility on these individuals to report suspicions or allegations. It is a law we don’t currently have in the UK, but it is being considered in a consultation which was launched in 2016. (We sent a tweet last night to the Department For Education to find out when the findings would be published).


The online reporting system is meant only for what the county calls ‘non-emergency’…

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2 comments on “America Trials Online Reporting Of Child Abuse

  1. GP Cox says:

    I seem to see current generations far too wrapped-up in themselves to take any time to be parents!


    • Thank heaven, not all, but life is so demanding it seems to leave little time for parents to actually practise their parenting skills; instead they have to work to keep food in the mouths of their families as well as a roof over their heads and clothes on their backs , especially if they are single parent families – be they mothers or fathers.

      With young people leaving home to go to college/university – or being pushed out because of friction within the home, family members are disparate and fragmented, so when they begin families of their own, there’s no one to act as mentors. Even if parents want to act as mentors, their children so often resent it as – interference.

      The casualties are the children who so often end up neglected or traumatized. My daughter is a therapist who sometimes tells me about some of her cases – taking care that all remain anonymous. They are harrowing – which is why she, like all therapists, needs to talk about them to a senior mentor so she can check the development of each case.

      I have learned that life all may not always be what it appears to be on the surface of all families. There are many where a ‘brave’ face keeps the truth hidden from public view. These facades can disintegrate – and heartbreak can result. Too often this was the case in the past. Perhaps circumstances make us face reality more often these days, but my guess is that they have always been there.

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