How I Saw Paris This Week (Part Twenty-One)

So everyday – yet so elegant.

Bonjour and salut to you all! The weather has been unseasonably warm in Paris, with strong sunlight and autumn colors around every corner — a flaneur’s dream (and a photog’s as well!).

Before we continue I’m proud to announce that the online magazine Bonjour Paris will be highlighting my photography with a Photo of the Month feature. Each photo will have a 200 word essay attached and will be exclusive to their site, meaning you won’t find it on these blog posts. Be sure to check it out around the middle of each month! The first one can be found here.

Today’s “How I Saw” installment is a blend of glass, metal, stone, and mother nature. It’s a reminder of how many different ways the city does what it does. I hope you enjoy this week’s set and as always leave a comment if you’re inspired to do so!

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