Did I Just Eat the Best Steak Frites in Paris?

A few words from an experienced veteran can save time as well as aching feet, and prevent burning a hole in your pocket.

I once featured on this blog a hip and historic eatery called Poulette. I had originally gone for the Art Nouveau ceramic tiling, old zinc bar, and a decidedly“Downton Abbey” vibe as one travel writer had described it.


That day I sat at the bar for a tea and a photo shoot which you can see here. But what also caught my eye were beautiful lunch plates being whisked out from the kitchen toward packed tables of content diners. I didn’t order that day but I put this place immediately on my “To Eat” list.D448917F-D487-4DD9-A3E7-7DC28BBB5B2E

A few days ago an old high school friend came to Paris for the first time and I scoured my notes for ways to show him a good culinary time. I was reminded of Poulette and promptly reserved a table, all the while reading numerous variations of the same online reviews: “the best steak…

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