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Is Australia ahead of UK because we are still too much in awe of those powerful figures at the top to reveal the whole truth about those child victims?

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

As the nation’s Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse starts to roll out its £1 million pound advertising campaign, the decision is being met with mixed feelings.

Whilst the hope is that the campaign will help to engage more survivors, a sense of dissatisfaction is growing amongst those who have been abused. One complaint aired by victims’ groups is that they have been excluded for the most part from proceedings,  with survivors’ voices rarely heard during evidence sessions. They argue that there is no point in attracting more engagement if those who speak out are ignored.

Writer and broadcaster Beatrix Campbell OBE, whose book about child sexual abuse in Cleveland is considered to be an important work on the scandal, feels that our Inquiry is lacking the same level of engagement and open dialogue which has made Australia’s own inquiry so successful. Researching Reform agrees with…

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