This echoes my thoughts exactly.


The very word DONATE fills me with horror. It seems to be an instruction, not a choice, an order. We are told what to do. DONATE HERE. If you do not donate, you are socially unacceptable, unkind, uncaring, disobedient.

DONATE is usually written in CAPITAL letters, coloured RED. It demands and commands.

How has DO NOT been carefully altered to DO ?

How has DONATE become compulsory ?


Donate to good causes, donate to charities. Donate all your unwanted goods for recycling. Are you a tax payer ? yes then you can donate more by signing here and the government will donate some for you too ! And then your donation gets accounted for, counted, assessed, recorded. We must keep track of who has donated, and how much.
Donate your sperm, donate your eggs. Donate your breast milk. Sperm is accounted and recorded in sperm BANKS.

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