‘More Troubling Than Savile’ – Care Home That Let Staff Drug And Rape Its Children.

Networks of Evil

The network of evil cast in the name of religion is sickening, since it makes a mockery of all that religion purports to be.

We may say that it is not the fault of religion, but a reflection on the people claiming to be followers of a specific religion.

Given that each religion is essentially a human manifestation of something considered spiritual, it is not surprising that some humans misinterpret and manipulate religion to suit their own purpose.

In recent years we have seen how such individuals not only manipulate their religion for their own purpose, but use their power to corrupt and terrorize children, as well as other adults, making their crimes all the more heinous.

Manipulation goes on each day among those who care for the old and elderly, as well as the young, but this insidious cruelty is masked by apparent care, and the decision by families who can afford the expenditure, to pay for that ‘care’ so the public sees the image and gets the favourable impression of the family’s willingness to spend large sums of money on paying strangers to do what they don’t want to do themselves – take care of their old or elderly relatives who are no longer able to take care of themselves while they, the family, enjoy their own lifestyle to the full.

The quality of that care depends upon the individuals who become the instruments of the care package put in place. Some are better than others; depending upon their motivation for becoming carers, but the cash motivation must rate high when the daily cost to the family is around £130, so at the end of one week, the carer takes home £910.

It does not require much imagination to conclude that the cash incentive rates pretty highly among these ‘carers’ who have rarely undergone any training; possess few or no qualifications, and sometime are unable to communicate because of lack of language skills or an inability to empathise with the client because of lack of training or education. The result is pretty dismal for the person on the receiving end of the cash outlay because they find themselves at the mercy of different ‘carers’ (who work confusingly, work weekly shifts and fail to establish any real relationship with them, the client), as well as their self-seeking family.

It is all the more distressing when someone like me does online research and discovers that the agency being used is found to be non-compliant with the basic requirements of the local authority. When this is pointed out to the family member with power-of-attorney, they merely show indifference followed by anger at the inconvenience of the agency being forcibly shut down and becoming the subject of a police investigation so they have to start over again.

Researching Reform

A professor and NHS Trust Chair who oversaw the Jimmy Savile inquiry has told the media that an investigation into a care home in Gravesend was “the most troubling thing she has ever worked on.”

Dr Sue Proctor was brought in to review child abuse allegations of former care home residents at Kendall House. The care home was run by the Church of England.

Now, a former member of staff has come forward.

His testimony not only vindicates the women who as young girls were routinely raped, and drugged with powerful chemicals in quantities only safe for large animals like horses, but confirms the extent of the horror.

On his first day, the staff member, who has asked to go by the name Mr Simpson, was told by a coworker, “I would ask to leave here. What goes on here isn’t right.” He also describes a female manager who ran the…

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