MPs To Debate Family Justice, But Serious Reformers Will Be Disappointed.

Researching Reform

A debate in Westminster looking at family justice reform is to take place on Wednesday 15th November, but its underlying agenda is likely to disappoint serious reformers.

Whilst very little information has been offered about this debate – we still don’t know who organised or sponsored it, what the full list of topics will be and who will be attending – there are some clues on the event’s page over at the Parliament website.

The politician hosting the debate is Suella Fernandes MP,  who is the Conservative MP for Fareham. A former member of the Education Committee, she now sits on the Education, Skills and the Economy Sub-Committee, which looks at ways in which education can boost the economy. Suella was also on the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill (Joint Committee). The Bill, which was ratified in 2016, is also referred to as The Snooper’s Charter, for its invasive…

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