Contents Of Fathers’ Rights Debate In Westminster Revealed

Still the questions keep coming.

Researching Reform

Further information has been provided by the MP hosting a debate tomorrow in Westminster, looking at Fathers’ Rights during divorce.

The debate, which will be held in one of Westminster’s committee rooms, has been set up by Suella Fernandes MP. The agenda for the evening has been put together by Fathers’ Rights group Families Need Fathers Cymru, although they appear to have changed tack and are now attempting to call themselves a children’s rights group. We’re not very big on labels, especially when they look like a PR exercise, so you can decide for yourself if the debate below focuses on children or not.

The list of topics for the evening has now been added on the event’s page, and we add them below too for ease of reference:

  • Shared parenting, for example a rebuttal presumption of shared parenting;
  • Enforcement of Child Arrangement Orders;
  • No-fault divorce;
  • The enforceability of…

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