Mysterious, mystical, magical and fascinating mushrooms.


Mushrooms sprout like Bedouin tents
in the cool of an autumn night
in varied colors, in varied shapes
much to a fairy’s delight.

Under the dome of their mushroom home
held aloft by one sturdy pole
fairies lounge and rest their heads
lulled to sleep by a hooting owl.

When dawn comes, e’re the sun is up
fairies bathe in the misty light
and drink off the dew fresh on the grass
whose sweetness revives the sleepy sprites.

As winter chill comes marching on
and leaves at last rest on the ground
mushrooms fold and soon disappear
along with its nomadic crowd.

I have been quite fascinated by mushrooms lately.  I have spent a good part of summer and even fall looking for and photographing mushrooms.  I have seen quite a lot of variety dotting the forest floor, growing on decaying logs, sprouting in our yard.  I was so fascinated…

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3 comments on “MUSHROOMS

  1. Imelda says:

    Thank you very much for the re-blog, Ms. Jenner. 😊🌸


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