No Good Specialist Lawyers Available To Citizens Following Legal Aid Cuts

The hard-pressed are still struggling against the tide of every-day misfortune. It is becoming almost impossible to source the help and advice so desperately needed.

Having been a volunteer for many years since my retirement, I find it difficult to accept the near impossibility of finding the help and information necessary to solve everyday problems besetting friends and acquaintances. The Citizens’ Advice Board, a brilliant innovation, is fast becoming a down-at-heel joke through lack of funding.

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No Good Specialist Lawyers Available To Citizens Following Legal Aid Cuts

“In a rapidly changing world, where people’s expectations of services are rising, accessing the right advice at the right time will be critical to help people solve problems and understand what government changes mean for them.”

via Family Law Week: No specialist lawyers available to Citizens Advice Bureau clients following legal aid cuts.

The Community Legal Service (CLS) brings together organizations offering legal and advice services into local networks.  These networks are organized and supported by Community Legal Service partnerships, which are made up of representatives of the Legal Services Commission,  local authorities, and other funders and providers of advice in civil matters.

Citizens Advice bureau (CAB)

The CAB provides free information and if the staff are unable to help they are supposed to refer people to the most appropriate local authority local…

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