State Of Foster Care Sector To Be Revealed In The New Year

More misinformation and procrastination with a generous dollop of prevarication from Mrs May’s minions.

Researching Reform

Researching Reform’s Freedom Of Information request asking the government what had happened to all of its child welfare consultations has finally been answered, and the reply is interesting.

Having failed to address the request within the set period, it looked as if the government was attempting to ignore the question, which asked for an update on several of its long standing child focused consultations. Researching Reform wrote to the government asking for an internal review into the failure to reply to our request. In a not altogether unsurprising move, The Department For Education then blocked the internal review with a hasty response:

Dear Natasha Phillips 

Thank you for your letter requesting information on a number of government

With regards to the consultation on Mandatory Reporting Of Child Abuse:
The consultation sought views on the advisability, risk, nature and scope
of a mandatory duty to report child abuse and neglect…

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