Important Child Welfare Stories

The message is clear and unequivocal; no child should be abused; no child should live in fear of being abused. The same applies to all vulnerable people, whether young or old. Abusers must face justice – no matter how long justice has to wait, and whistleblowers must have no fear of reprisal for obeying their consciences.

Researching Reform

Several important developments have taken place over the last 24 hours, so we’re adding a summary for you:

Australia’s Royal Commission Into Nationwide Child Abuse Comes To An End

A landmark moment in Australia’s history, and for victims of child sexual abuse in the country, as its five year investigation into child abuse draws to a close. As you might imagine, serious failings were highlighted in the Commission’s report. Here are the key messages being featured by the media:

Report Urges Greater Scrutiny And Accountability Of Local Authorities

A Committee report has been published today, which urges the government to put proper review and scrutiny procedures in place for…

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