The Immortal Jukebox Christmas Art Gallery 1

The story of the Nativity means something different according to each and every artist or storyteller, but its message is the same.

The Immortal Jukebox

Last year I included a Christmas themed painting in the Cornucopia series.

A number of you have suggested I collect these together for this Christmas Tide.

Delighted to oblige!

Piero della Francesca – ‘Madonna del Parto’

I know of no work of art which captures the sense of awed anticipation surrounding the nativity story with such tenderness as Piero della Francesca’s, ‘Madonna del Parto’.

Piero somehow manages to make present through drawing and paint both the vulnerability of Mary in all her humanity and the immanent divine.


Fra Angelico – The Annunciation

This painting by Fra Angelico has long haunted my imagination since I first saw it in The Convent of San Marco in Florence.

It is a representation of an epochal event, The Annunciation, which holds human time and eternity in perfect balance.


Federico Barocci – Nativity

There is nothing more intimate than the bond between a mother and…

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