London Live Interviews Researching Reform On Protecting Children During Divorce

A well-developed and positive synopsis of an interview that delivers so much good sense in a brief interview during a planned encounter with one branch of the media.

Researching Reform

Yesterday, London Live very kindly interviewed Researching Reform on how to protect children during separation, and what alternatives currently exist for couples wanting to steer clear of the court process.

Presenter Anthony Baxter began by saying that January is often referred to as Divorce Month, due to the high rate of divorce queries lawyers see at this time. Anthony asked several questions about what the alternatives to hiring a lawyer might be and what options were in the best interests of children caught in the middle of a separation.

We mentioned that couples had a variety of options to choose from, including mediation. We also suggested that couples look to their inner circle of friends and family to see if they had anyone the couple as a whole trusted to be impartial and balanced, and support them in reaching sensible, positive solutions for themselves and their children.

We also explained…

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