Trends In Child Protection

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing we’re told; it would be well if social workers remembered this before thrusting their often unwelcome attentions where they are not required. Parental instincts often guide where the ‘trained minds’ of the professionals fear to go. It’s all about survival and is one of the strongest of our primeval attributes and that ‘gut’ feeling is rarely wrong.

Researching Reform

2018 is set to be another interesting year for child welfare.

If last year was about government understanding how children impact the economy and society from the ground up, this year will be about a broader awareness of how government can empower under resourced services by looking at the ingenious ways in which families have begun to access information.

The first trend policy makers and stakeholders will need to watch is the growing use of social media, by both families and professionals. Parents and children have been using social media for several years now, primarily for support and advice purposes. Social workers are taking to sites like Facebook and Twitter to contact hard to reach families, and to gain some insight into their service users. Like all internet activity, it can be a force for good when used properly, but there are still some important concerns surrounding child professionals’ use…

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