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Experts should concede that victims can learn from their experiences and become better citizens. After all, forgiving may be part of the mantra preached, but forgetting the experience would prove the lesson was never learned in the first place.

For too many victims, their experiences are indelibly branded into their psyche. By society refusing to accept such experiences can be part of a life-changing ‘university’ where victims may gain knowledge through these same experiences, it is subjecting them to another dose of purgatorial punishment.

Too much supposition on the part of experts often leads to outrageous theories because they may have no real experience of the trauma about which they pontificate; we can’t volunteer to get killed in order to experience death or murder; we have to empathise by trying to understand the human emotions involved. Sadly, in some cases, if we get it wrong, the victim may suffer yet again.

There can be few hard and fast rules, other than trying not to be too dogmatic. Flexibility and compromise, combined with constant vigilance, are perhaps key to a more humane approach to catalogues of abuse.

More well qualified, and realistically trained case-workers and therapists are surely needed. Currently, there are too few who understand the significance of their differing roles. There is a lack of appreciation of what good therapists and care-workers can bring to their cases. The different roles of these professionals get blurred, because too often, they are not understood, nor their efficacy believed. Such specialists are few, with little appreciation of their potential value in our society because people underestimate the time needed to train professionals. It takes at least six years to become a doctor; even more to qualify as a specialist or consultant. A new graduate with just a first degree cannot be considered as qualified to be either a therapist or a care-worker, but given time, and the training – they may become great at their jobs.

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