The Narrative Around Adoption Is Changing

The erudite details offered by all correspondents is truly amazing. It proves that our legal system has more holes than a sieve. Those responsible for its administration are not only falling-down on the job, they are letting down all those who go to them expecting – and believing they will get justice.

As an octogenarian, I am aware that I have long been hoodwinked by the very system I believed and trusted. It is only in the last eighteen years that I have become aware of the terrible injustices perpetrated by those I was brought up to revere and trust. I never had any cause to do otherwise.

That the lid has been blown off is welcome. We must endeavour to keep it off so air and light can reach its deepest and darkest places. There is a real need to cleanse; to see all the secrets of the darkest corners.

The results will be distressing to hear and to read, but how much more so will an enforced silence be for the victims if they are prevented from revealing the horrors they suffered and naming the perpetrators who inflicted that pain. “Tell the truth and shame the devil” never had greater meaning.

via The Narrative Around Adoption Is Changing

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