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It is obvious that figures do not match the statistics set by statisticians and the ever present Mr & Mrs Do-As-you-Would-Be-Done-By who operate and manipulate the figures to the detriment of those for whom the whole thing is supposed to be in aid of.

It should be apparent to all concerned that a tsunami size change in attitudes and behaviour is long overdue, but I do not see it happening any time soon. The trap is one that gets ever deeper for those caught in the system, and as long as present attitudes prevail, there is only an outside chance of those enmeshed ever breaking free.

Corruption from within is the greatest barrier victims have to overcome. Facts uncovered make it obvious there is a great deal of money to be made from ‘milking the system’; those enjoying such perks will not be eager to lose what they’ve gained, or are likely to gain, so will ensure ‘boat-rockers’ are jettisoned at the first opportunity.

The public arena afforded by the internet, remains a powerful tool in the armoury of truth and justice. It is one that must be fearlessly exploited, though not abused, if everyone is to enjoy the benefits of justice. Truth and honesty should never be sacrificed because of harassment by bullies who fear the consequences of public scrutiny both are likely to raise.

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