Question it!

I can think of no better example than that of my late husband who was above all things, a decent man and a brilliant doctor whose advice to his students was: “Spend 90% of your interview time listening to the patient if you are going to make a decent diagnosis in the final moments of the appointment.

In these days of rush and making a stab at a diagnosis, all involved in the care of people – whether children or adults, need to realise the high priority they must give to the situation when dealing with vulnerable human beings who need to be listened to – AND HEARD – before snap decisions are made about their future. What is decided at the beginning of care can and will have long term repercussions that must be the right ones.

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4 comments on “Question it!

  1. GP Cox says:

    Your husband was a very smart man. I’m sorry the world no longer has him.


  2. I still miss his calm wisdom and abiding kindness towards everyone.


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