Is Government Quietly Privatising The Social Care Sector To Sell It For Parts?

There was a time, only about twenty years ago, when I still believed there was a fair chance that government in this country was pretty decent. Then I returned to the UK; the Blair Government; the Iraq debacle – and the tragedy of Kelly.

Subsequently, I got to know many victims of the system and tried to be a sympathetic, though not sentimental champion as they battled with bureaucracy and the graduates of common-purpose.

People as old as I have lost everything, and are still prepared to battle on – even when they have been set up and sentenced to imprisonment by those who have sworn to uphold the law and protect the people in their communities.

At 82, I have become disenchanted with all that I once held in great respect. Now, all I ask is to be left in peace with my books, my family, my neighbours and to be able to enjoy excursions on to the internet among my virtual friends. I have to admit, that even when I was travelling in Sri Lanka just two years ago, the internet was a source of enormous pleasure and enjoyment.

I wish I could persuade those of my friends who remain reluctant to attempt computers and the internet to ‘have-a-go’; it could revolutionise their lives – especially those who have suffered so much, and can see no way forward. I believe the internet could prove to be a great release for much pent-up emotion – as well as a generator of the truth.

via Is Government Quietly Privatising The Social Care Sector To Sell It For Parts?

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