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The reports prove there is still so much to do if justice is ever to be done – and seen to be done.

With all the education and media awareness currently clamouring to make itself heard, we are woefully aware of the gaping holes in our system. There are theoretical solutions of course, but the practical ones continue to elude the powers-that-be; they continue inside their entrenched viewpoints, as blinkered as ever.

Currently in the throes of a house-move, I am currently locked into a daily wrangle of what to keep and what to jettison. The more I throw away, the more I want to rid myself of the burden that has escalated over of years and resulted in oceans of clutter. An old friend of mine made it a rule never to stay longer than two years in any one place because it meant she could not accumulate any clutter. I’m beginning to see her point of view.

It has made me realise that much the same applies to government departments – they need periodic sessions to spring clean premises and staff in order to rid them of stuck-in-the-mud ideas and people. Such shake-ups, if compulsory, would let air and light into the cobwebbed minds of bureaucracy, and that would surely be no bad thing.


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